Wineguys Restaurant Group
City Park Grill
    Sesame Crusted Calamari ...  $9.95
  thai coleslaw and spicy strawberry sauce    
    House Brined Chicken Wings ...  $8.25
  • CPG’s original hot - bleu cheese sauce
  • BBQ rubbed - bleu cheese sauce
  • Asian glazed - peanuts and scallions

6 Wings or 10 Wings

    Pork Tostada ...  $6.95
  guacamole, fresh tomato salsa
lettuce, fresh corn tortilla
    Chicken Potato Nachos ...  $7.95
monterey jack, cheddar, fresh tomato salsa,
avocado ranch 
    Seared Tuna Crostini ...  $10.95
  spicy olive pesto, tomatoes
fresh mozzarella
balsamic reduction
    Steak on a Stick ...  $7.45
  bleu cheese dipping sauce    
    Bleu Cheese Polenta Fries ...  $7.45
  mediterranean BBQ pulled beef, tomato sauce    
    Quinoa-Grilled Vegetable Salad ...  $7.95
  mixed greens, creamy basil-balsamic    
    Greek Dip ...  $7.95
hummus, cucumber-tomato salsa,
feta cheese, warm pita bread 
    Roasted Garlic-Rosemary Fries ...  $7.95
  roasted garlic oil, fresh rosemary
gorgonzola-balsamic dipping sauce
    Southwest Chips and Dips ...  $7.95
  guacamole, fresh tomato salsa
fresh corn tortilla chips
    BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders ...  $7.95
  bleu cheese sauce, apple salsa

Soups & Salads
    Shellfish Chowder ...  $4.75
    Creole Gumbo ...  $4.75

shrimp, chicken, cajun sausage,
vegetables and rice

    Baked French Onion ...  $5.95
  croutons, melted swiss
and provolone cheeses
    City Park Salad ...  $6.95

mixed greens, dried cherries, toasted walnuts, red onions
crumbled bleu cheese, mustard-herb vinaigrette

    Southwestern Caesar Salad ...  $6.95
  romaine lettuce, tomatoes, corn, parmesan cheese, chipotle dressing    
    Garden Salad ...  $6.95
  mixed greens, carrots, croutons, red onions, tomatoes, celery, mushrooms
choice of house-made dressing
    Wedge Salad ...  $6.95
  bacon, red onions, tomatoes and bleu cheese dressing
maple-rosemary-balsalmic reduction
    Today's Soup or House Made Chicken Noodle ...  $3.25
    Whitefish Daily Special ...  $9.95
  white truffle mashed potatoes
yellow mustard coleslaw
    House Made Short's Beer Battered Fish and Chips ...  $8.95
  alaskan pollock, house-cut fries
herb tartar sauce
    Five Cheese Penne ...  $6.95
  cheddar, parmesan, swiss, provolone
monterey jack
add chicken or cajun sausage $1.95
    Italian Meat and Four Cheese Lasagna Platter ...  $8.25
  mixed green garden salad, choice of house-made dressing    
    Whitefish ...  $9.75
  sauteed or fried
herb tartar sauce
    Mustard-Maple Grilled Chicken Sandwich ...  $8.50
  Brownwood mustard sauce
lettuce, tomato, red onion
    Grilled Salmon BLT ...  $10.45
  Plath's bacon
lemon-dill mayo
    Chicken Breast ...  $7.95
  bbq, grilled or blackened    
    Grilled Chicken Caprese ...  $9.95
  fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto mayo
balsamic reduction
    City Park Club ...  $9.95
  house-smoked turkey, Plath's bacon, provolone,
lettuce, tomato, red onion, mayonnaise
choice of house-baked sourdough, wheat or rye
    Grilled Vegetable Wrap ...  $8.95
  goat cheese, balsamic reduction
spinach wrap
    Feta Chicken Wrap ...  $8.95
  lettuce, tomato, onion
basil pesto mayonnaise
spinach wrap
Sandwich Combination
    House-Smoked Turkey Breast ...  $8.45
  mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, red onion    
    Rueben ...  $8.45
  house-curred corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing    
    House Made BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese ...  $7.95
  yellow mustard coleslaw, cheddar
choice of house-baked sourdough, wheat or rye bread
    Open Faced Oven Roasted Brisket ...  $7.95
  roasted root vegetables, beef gravy    
half of your choice of sandwich
served with coleslaw and a cup of chicken noodle or today's soup 7.95
substitute creole gumbo, shellfish chowder or french onion soup for 1.00
City Park Grill Burgers
    Classic Hamburger ...  $7.50
  add choice of cheese .75    
    Award-Winning Chicago Burger ...  $9.95
  bacon, mushrooms, swiss
bleu cheese sauce
    Erik's Burger ...  $10.95
  house-ground patty mixed
with morel mushrooms
balsamic-gorgonzola aioli
    Blackened Burger ...  $8.95
  shaved red onions, lettuce
creole remoulade, worcestershire reduction
    Fried Egg BLT Burger ...  $8.95
  Plath's bacon, mayonnaise    
    Sesame Grilled Chicken Burger ...  $8.95
  thai coleslaw, spicy strawberry sauce    
    Southwest Grilled Chicken Burger ...  $9.95
  pepper-jack, lettuce
fresh tomato salsa, guacamole
    Steak House Burger ...  $8.95
  bleu cheese crumbles, crispy fried onions
house steak sauce
    Fried Buffalo Chicken Burger ...  $9.45
  lettuce, red onions, apple salsa
bleu cheese sauce
    BBQ Bacon Burger ...  $9.95
  cheddar, caramelized onions
yellow mustard coleslaw

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