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City Park Grill
Catering Menu
    City Park Salad ...  $45.95
  red onion, dried cherries, toasted walnuts, crumbled bleu cheese, mustard-herb vinaigrette

    Garden Salad ...  $45.95
  mixed greens, carrots, red onions, mushrooms, celery, croutons, choice of dressing

    Southwestern Caesar ...  $45.95
  romaine, corn, tomato, parmesan cheese, chipotle caesar dressing

serves 8-10 entree salads or 14 side salads
    Chicken Marsala ...  $8.95
  wild mushroom-spinach sauce, white rice
8.95 per person

    Baked Big Easy Penne Pasta ...  $79.95
  chicken, plath's cajun sausage, bell peppers, cajun cream sauce

    Jambalaya ...  $69.95
  chicken, cajun sausage, bell peppers, rice
add shrimp 15.00

    Mediterranean Bow-Tie Pasta ...  $59.95
  sundried tomatoes, capers, artichokes, bell peppers, fresh tomatoes, basil pesto
white wine-garlic sauce
add chicken 10.00
add shrimp 15.00

    Five Cheese Penne ...  $59.95

parmesan, monterey jack, cheddar, swiss, provolone
add chicken 10.00
add shrimp 15.00

    Garlic bread ...  $1.00


serves 8-12 people
    Warm Apple Crisp ...  $24.95
  whipped cream    
    White Chocolate Chunk Brownie ...  $2.95
  price per brownie    
serves 10-15 people
    2 Liters of Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite ...  $3.95
    Minute Maid Juices or Bottled Spring Water ...  $1.99
    Fresh Coffee ...  $9.00
  air pot    

All catering orders include paper products and serving utensils.
A service fee of $10.00 will be applied to delivery orders. 

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